Brochure Project

Brochure Project

Photographs by Prokudin- Gorskii


positive and negative space

The logo i choose was 

By Amore
Via Blair Thomson
This logo is a key and in the key is the nyc skyline. i think it shows great positive and negative space being used. It is simple yet very informative 


Identity Systems

One identity system that i like is google chromes ball of color i feel it is very easy to know that it is google chrome without actually saying it. is the website to download google chrome which also displays the image at the top of the site.

December 13th

Last day of class trying to complete my creative piece, my case study is coming along and the only thing left is to finish and print this and upload all my projects onto a cd for the professor to evaluate . Exam is next week which all of what was presented in class needs to be finished and printed

December 6th

The Semester is coming to an end this is our second to last class left, this week I worked on my Grid compostion trying to add a center piece to it. I decided upon a swan elegant and real right smack in the middle of the lake. The piece will be finished by next class where I can continue to work on my creative piece. This piece is like my first a shoe but created not from bark this time but another texture, a shag carpet. The shoe is coming alone and has its basic outline. This will be completed by our final exam date alone with the 4 prints of all my pieces, my wordpress site, a disc for my professor and my case study paper.

November 29th

We are oming into our final few weeks, the grid project is almost complete while the rest of my projects are finished and ready for print. We also will be working on another project of our own choice which will be presented in class on our final day.

November 15th

This is the start of project three, grids. This week i will take pictures of various perspectives of my subject matter. Then construct my piece by using grid on photoshop to ensure neatness.