Hyper Realism: Project 1

Theme One: Walking in a flowers shoe

Grow flowers out of my high heels. make the heels as a pot for planting and all the different flower images blooming.

Theme Two:  Rotteness

Rotten fruit being grown from a pine tree. The imagination of a pine tree being able to grow fruit, but not only fruit rotten fruit.

Theme Three: Toys strike back!

Using my dog as a smaller image and one of her play toys as a larger imaging rolling toward her and she runs away.

Theme Four:  Purse Creation

 Images of my purses to create my own new version of a purse. Usin different materials and making my own logo “GF” on the bag itself.

Theme Five: Urban flower

train tracks again using flowers to be grown out of the tracks themselves enlarging them to make it look like an old but beautiful track.

Theme Six: What if?

 Twin towers aspect of as if they were still in NYC. Making futuristic people and sky to create an image of existence.

Theme Seven: When doves appear

Two doves, perhaps being placed in a different enviornment or enlarge the dove to keep the car in the photo and make the dove “lift the car in the air”

The theme I choose was theme one: Walking in a flowers shoe

I have decided to take my shoe and make the appearance as if it was made out of bark. then I will grow flowers out of it like as if the shoe was indeed a pot to plant them in.

Here are a few pictures as an example:

Here is a sketch of my design:

Here is rough draft 1 of my final design:

this was my oringal bark and i also had ywllow flowers, unfortunately thecolors didnt mix well so i only used pink ones and changed the bark to a more defined looking back ground for the shoe


Here is rough draft 2 of my final design:

this is my final flower design placement, i havent started the bark yet but the composition of the flowers look a lot better then before.


Here is my final design:

here is the bark outer of the shoe and bark inside of the shoe is tinted to be red the flowers are done and look very big and wild. I hope to be able to put a backround in here once i figure out where all my files went!


Here is my work after my presentation and critique:

I have taken the flowers out and really tried to define the bark shoe itself, I will put pedals in to still have my main theme and make it look like they have fall out maybe a “fall-like” version of my orginal. Also the background makes the shoe look like it is sitting on something rather then just floating there.

And once more totally finished and printed:


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